About the #StuVoice Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are an excellent way for students to discuss policy issues and connect with other students and education influencers around the world. Students launched the first #StuVoice Twitter chat in May 2012 to provide a social-digital platform for youth advocacy. The chats shape conversation about the importance of student voices while encouraging the involvement of presidential candidates, journalists, educators, parents and the U.S. Department of Education to join discussions about education reform.

Although #StuVoice conversations live online, the chats have inspired a movement beyond the Twittersphere that has stimulated the formation of other youth-led virtual discussions. Tweet @stu_voice to suggest topics and questions for our next Twitter chat! New to Twitter? This page explains how to get started.

Previous #StuVoice Twitter Chats

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03/31 - Flipped Classroom

03/24 - The Power of Student Voice

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03/10 - Humanities in Higher Education

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02/24 - Achievement Gap and Barriers to Education with GenYNot